Whether you are already a fan, and eager for more, or whether this is your first encounter, read on and discover what Aly knew!

This is the remarkable life story of a boy that Michelangelo accepted as his son. Born a slave, he rose to such greatness that he changed the course of history, but on his death - he vanished into the mists of time. Now, though, he is back!

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Long-lost Secrets of Aly's World..

   *  Never-before seen portraits of the       
           the book's most famous characters

          *  Their clandestine family trees

           *  Timelines revealing how they      
            changed from alias to alias,      
            confounding modern history
         *  The amazing admissions they tucked
            away in their legendary paintings

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Entitled 'Masterpieces of Deception', the blog celebrates the discovery in 2012 that most old masters contains  second, and far more passionate meaning lurking just beneath the surface.

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