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Adamo to Bess of Hardwick

  1. Adamo Fregoso
    Adamo Fregoso
    Son of Lodovico and Maria Antonia, elder brother of Michelangelo, aka Fra Bartolomeo, Jan Mostaert, Jan Gossaert
  2. Albrecht of Brandenburg
    Albrecht of Brandenburg
    Archbishop of Mainz and Magdeburg, brother of Anna
  3. Aly
    Subject of the book, aka Paris Bordone, Francesco Torbido, Joos van Cleve, etc
  4. Anna of Brandenburg
    Anna of Brandenburg
    Aly's first lover, wife of Frederick of Schleswig-Holstein
  5. Antonello da Messina
    Antonello da Messina
    Son of Jan van Eyck
  6. Arnaldo 5
    Arnaldo 5
    First son of Xacobo 4, aka Melchior Broederlam, Gentile da Fabbiano, Jacquemar de Hesdin etc.
  7. Arturo 7
    Arturo 7
    Son of Paolo van Eyck, father of Columbus, aka Domenico Colombo, Polaiuolo, Jacopo de' Barbari, Jean Fouquet, etc.
  8. Ayman, Count of Savoy
    Ayman, Count of Savoy
    Son of Amadeus V, lover of his step-mother Maria of Brabant, father of Giotto, Boccaccio, Margaret (lover of King John II of France)
  9. Bartolemeo Habsburg
    Bartolemeo Habsburg
    Son of Aly and Margaret of Austria, aka Giovanni Battista Castiglione, tutor to Princess Elizabeth Tudor
  10. Bess of Hardwick
    Bess of Hardwick
    First daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, full but publicly unacknowledged sister of Elizabeth I

Botticelli to Edward V

  1. Botticelli
    Son of Arturo 7 and Maria Antonia, half brother of Leonardo and Michelangelo
  2. Bronzino
    Son and great-grandson of Arturo 7. Aka Parmigianino, Bartolomeo Compagni, and Nostradamus
  3. Christopher Columbus
    Christopher Columbus
    First legitimate son of Arturo 7 and Maria Antonia (aka Susanna Fontanarossa). Aka Afonso Fernandez de Lugo, and Captain Gonzalo Pizarro. Christened Arturo Fregoso: Arturo 8.
  4. Cornelys Antonys
    Cornelys Antonys
    Accepted by Aly as his first son by Margaret of Austria, aka poet Clement Marot, artists Seisenegger and Amberger, etc.
  5. Correggio
    First son of Michelangelo with Maria Fieschi, aka Everaert van Orley.
  6. Costanza Fregoso
    Costanza Fregoso
    Wife of Jan van Eyck (under the alias of Giovanni Arnolfini), mother of Antonello da Messina, Lucrezia d'Alagno, etc
  7. Diogo de Gouveia
    Diogo de Gouveia
    Son of Leonardo and Beatrice Marchionni, aka Ambrosius Benson
  8. Durer
    Son of Maria Antonia and Hans Memling, raised in part by Luca Signorelli
  9. Edoardo
    Son of Mantegna, rival of Aly, aka Duda, Andrea Briosco, Jacopo Negretti, etc
  10. Edward V
    Edward V
    King of England wrongly thought to have been murdered in the Tower by Richard III. Fled to his aunt in Belgium, and given the name Andria Doria. aka Thomas Godsalve and Edward Gylford.

Elizabeth I to Hieronymus Bosch

  1. Elizabeth 1
    Elizabeth 1
    Queen of England
  2. Fatima
    Mother of Aly
  3. Fra Angelico
    Fra Angelico
    Son of Arnaldo 5
  4. Francesco di Simone
    Francesco di Simone
    Close friend and relative of Aly, aka Gomaar van Orley, Lucas van Leyden, Rosso Fiorentino
  5. Francois Fradin
    Francois Fradin
    Aly's father in law, aka Oporinus
  6. Frederick I
    Frederick I
    Duke of Schleswig-Holstein, later King of Denmark. Husband of Anna of Brandenburg and father of Ulrich von Hutten.
  7. Giotto
    Son of Ayman, Count of Savoy, and Maria of Brabant (aka Cimabue).
  8. Giovanna
    Daughter of Erasmus and a slave girl
  9. Hernan Cortes
    Hernan Cortes
    Son of Columbus and Beatrice Marchionni, aka Fernando Colombo
  10. Hieronymus Bosch
    Hieronymus Bosch
    Son of Jacopo Bellini, thus grandson of Arnaldo 5. Aka Lodovico Buonarroti (father of Adamo and Michelangelo), Valentin van Orley, and Bernardino de Cupis

Hans Holbein to Margaret of Austria

  1. Salay
    Aly's close friend and cousin, son of Pedro Alvares Cabral, grandson of Leonardo. Aka Hans Suess von Kulmbach, Giacomo Caprotti da Oreno, and Hans Holbein the Younger.
  2. Ulrich von Hutten, bastard son of Frederick I of Denmark
    Ulrich von Hutten, bastard son of Frederick I of Denmark
    Leading reform figure, and rapist of Anna of Brandenburg.
  3. Jan van Eyck
    Jan van Eyck
    Son of Arnaldo 5, killed off this alias in 1441. Aka Jan Limbourg, Colantonio, Giovanni Arnolfini, and Masolino. Father of Antonello, Lucrezia d'Alagno, and Simonetta Vespucci.
  4. Juana the Mad
    Juana the Mad
    Queen of Castile, daughter of Isabella of Castile and Ferdinand of Aragon (who usurped her throne). She was married to Philip Habsburg, Duke of Burgundy.
  5. Luca Signorelli
    Luca Signorelli
    Son of Arturo 7 and Maria Antonia. Aly's owner until 1497. Aka Bartolomeo Dias, Bartolomeo Colombo, Benedetto Ghirlandaio, Benedetto Portinari.
  6. Leonardo da Vinci
    Leonardo da Vinci
    Son of Uccello and Maria Antonia. Aka Liberale da Verona, Jan Joest, Jan Stefan van Calcar, Alexander Bening, Atavante de Atavanti, Davide Ghirlandaio, Mehmet Siyah Qalem, Count Vecellio etc.
  7. Lisa Cabral
    Lisa Cabral
    Daughter of Pedro Alvares Cabral, and granddaughter of Leonardo. Aka Mona Lisa, Elsbeth Binzenstuck.
  8. Lomazzo
    Son of Aly and Giovanna de Erasmus. Originally names 'Salay' after Aly's dear friend.
  9. Margaret of Austria
    Margaret of Austria
    Daughter of Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I, wife of Prince Juan of Spain, then Duke Philibert of Savoy. Lover of Aly and Duda.
  10. Martin Pinzon
    Martin Pinzon
    Son of Arturo 7 and Maria Antonia, aka Pedro Escobar, Jean Cousin, Martin Behaim, and Viceroy Alonso de Albuquerque

Michael Coxcie to Puthon

  1. Michiel Coxcie
    Michiel Coxcie
    Son of Duda and Margaret of Austria
  2. Michelangelo
    Son of Lodovico and Maria Antonia, lover of Fatima, father of many famous artists by Vittoria Colonna
  3. Paolo van Eyck
    Paolo van Eyck
    Son of Arnaldo 5. Aka Master of Boucicault, Pol Limbourg, Cardinal Juan de Torquemada, First Count of Alba
  4. Pedro Alvares Cabral
    Pedro Alvares Cabral
    First son of Leonardo and Beatrice Marchionni. Aka 2nd Duke of Alba, Hans Holbein the Elder, Gregorio Vecellio
  5. Pietro Perugino
    Pietro Perugino
    Son of Rutger 6 and Nicolosia, grandson of Arnaldo 5. Aka Pietro Pollaiuolo, Pietro di Cristoforo Vanucci
  6. Philip van Orley
    Philip van Orley
    Matteus Schwarz, accountant to Fugger Bank.
  7. Pieter Breughel
    Pieter Breughel
    Son of Michelangelo
  8. Pieter Kempeneer
    Pieter Kempeneer
    Son of Duda and Margaret of Austria
  9. Ponce de Leon
    Ponce de Leon
    Son of Leonardo and Beatrice Marchionni. Aka Sigmund Holbein, Valentin Bousch, Antonio Rincon
  10. Puthon
    A natural son of Uccello, christened Antoine Raffin. His nickname was Puthon, wrongly transcribed now as 'Pothon'.

Ridolfo Ghirlandaio to Vannozza

  1. Ridolfo Ghirlandaio
    Ridolfo Ghirlandaio
    First son of Pedro Alvares Cabral, thus brother of Titian and Hans Holbein the Younger. Aka Sebastiano del Piombo.
  2. Robert Tudor
    Robert Tudor
    Son of Queen Elizabeth I. Aka Rowland Lockey, and Antonio Manuele da Funta (Antonius Emanuel de Wnth. Clearly not all of these portrait were done from life.
  3. Roldan, Francisco
    Roldan, Francisco
    Son of Hans Memling and Maria Antonia, brother of Durer. Aka Gregor Erhart, Francisco de Vitoria
  4. Cosimo Roselli
    Cosimo Roselli
    Son of Paulo van Eyck, brother of Mantegna, Verrocchio, Arturo 7, Domenico Veneziano
  5. Rutger 6
    Rutger 6
    Son and heir of Arnaldo 5. These portraits show him with a somewhat bulbous nose. Aka Herman Limbourg, Masaccio, Robert Campin, Master of Flemalle, Lorenzo Ghiberti, Arano Cybo, Pope Callixtus III
  6. Rutger 6
    Rutger 6
    Curiously, these paintings all show Rutger having a more slender nose. Antonio Borgia later became Pope Callixtus, so he was painted both ways - something echoed in the bas relief of the Pope compared to his funerary bust by Donatello.
  7. Titian
    Son of Pedro Alvares Cabral. Aka Tiziano Vecellio, Count Melzi, Francois Clouet.
  8. Uccello
    Son of Paolo van Eyck. Aka 1st Duke of Alba, Master of Alkmaar, Antoine de Lonhy, Dieric Bouts, Albert Ouwater etc.
  9. Uriel von Gemmingen
    Uriel von Gemmingen
    Archbishop of Mainz, son of Arturo 7, Chancellor of the Holy Roman Empire
  10. Vannozza dei Cattanei
    Vannozza dei Cattanei
    Daughter of Jan van Eyck. As Giovanna de Candia she was the lover of Rodrigo Borgia, Pope Alexander VI, and mother of Lucrezia Borgia

Vasari to Xacobo 4

  1. Vasari
    Son of Michelangelo and Vittoria Colonna. Wrote biographies of all the artists of Renaissance times.
  2. Verrocchio
    Son of Paolo van Eyck. Took Leonardo in when he returned with his father from China, and protected him from Arturo 7
  3. Vespucci, Amerigo
    Vespucci, Amerigo
    Son of Arturo 7 and Maria Antonia. Aka Diogo Cao, Duarte Pacheco, Pierre Descaliers, Pinturricchio
  4. Vicente Pinzon
    Vicente Pinzon
    Son of Arturo 7 and Maria Antonia. Aka Joao da Nova, Lorenzo Costa, Cardinal Bandinello Sauli.
  5. Wilem Horembout
    Wilem Horembout
    Natural son of Uccello. Aka Albrecht Altdorfer.
  6. Xacobo 4
    Xacobo 4
    Fourth son of King John II of France and Margaret of Savoy, daughter of Ayman. Aka Pietro Fregoso, Admiral of the Genoese Navy, who seized Famagusta and founded the Medici, Strozzi, Pazzi, della Rovere, van Eyck and Marchionni dynasties.