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"Spelling it out":

a series of videos showing the hidden lettering...

A series of videos showing in great detail the presence of hidden lettering in numerous paintings. To break the disguise, an 'alternate letter' approach is used to reveal the concealed text (take care if you are affected by flickering images!). The story these annotations reveal is also discussed, exposing personal and passionate tales of the life of the artist, and the famous characters of the time. Click on any image below to play the video, or go to the blog by clicking 'Spelling it out' to the left.

The Introductory Video:
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This was the very first video on the clandestine inscriptions in Renaissance Art, and provides an excellent introduction to the lost meanings of our Great Masters.
​​It explains where to find the hidden text and drawings, how the artist created them, the revelations they provide on why the works were created, along with amazing tales of robbery, murder, rape, and illicit love - and even talks about the psychology, showing why it worked so well that it fooled 500 years of Art History.
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"What's wrong with Art History?"

a series of videos on why it remained hidden so long...

Many people have asked why, since this annotation is ubiquitous, and present in almost every painting in the four hundred years examined, and spresent even up to the 19thC, why no one saw it before. There are two reasons. First, technological advancements have only recently made it possible to enhance digital images of the great works of art, and to overlay them with markers exposing the hidden lettering. ​The second is more fundamental, and is explained by the mindset prevalent in Art History. This series looks and eight aspects of the problem, hopefully in a light-hearted and instructive way! Click on any image below to watch the video! The last two are sound only - sorry - I was just too busy to do the visuals yet.

The Temple of Art

Lazerus and the Notary

An Infernal Change of Sex

Cut Short in his Prime

The Borgata Fallacy

Expert in Almost Nothing

The Jewelled Scalpel
(sound only)

The Reluctant Acorn
​(sound only)