Whitewash 4

Aly and Elizabeth had produced the first black heir to the English throne, even if he wasn’t yet acknowledged. He saved Elizabeth’s life, and put her on the throne by engineering the murder of Mary Tudor. He then went on to secure her from dire threats from France and Scotland by killing Henri II and his son Francois II.
Robert Tudor was never recognised as Elizabeth’s son. He was appointed court painter, taking the name Rowland Lockey, but Elizabeth favoured Mary Queen of Scots son, James as the next monarch… otherwise history would have been vastly different. Can you imagine if England had had a black king when she died in 1603?
What he did achieve, though, was perhaps even greater. He didn’t live to see the catastrophe that overwhelmed the Spanish Armada in 1588, but he made it possible. Knowing that many slaves had escaped Spanish tyranny in the Caribbean, and had established an independent nation in Panama, he persuaded Elizabeth that they were the best allies she could possibly have in the Caribbean. She pulled back from involvement in the emerging slave trade, and sent Drake to investigate. The Cimarrons, for that was what the former slaves were called, received him with open arms. He provided them with the iron they needed in their struggle against the Spanish, and they helped him intercept vast shipments of gold and silver the invaders had stolen from Peru.    

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The Drake Jewel
Some of the letters are clear, others more ambiguous. Alternate lettering has been used to make it easier to see what is hidden there.
In his first venture, Drake returned with such a mountain of treasure, that Elizabeth had the funds needed to start rebuilding the English fleet, which was decisive in defeating King Philip of Spain’s attempt to invade England. This proved a turning point in Spanish fortunes, and their intended conquest of the whole of Europe came to a halt, dealing a terrible blow to the growth of slavery. Elizabeth was so relieved by the immediate success of the English alliance with the Cimarrons, that she asked her son to carve a jewel to be presented to Sir Francis Drake.
The Drake Jewel still exists, and you can see it in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. The museum still professes to have no idea about its significance, though, unaware that it depicts Queen Elizabeth (come on guys, seriously, who else would the Drake Medal depict?!), together with a black man. Built into the structure of his curls, you will find the name that Robert Tudor left there. It is ‘Aly’, his father, and Elizabeth’s lover.