When Aly was born, the trans-Atlantic slave trade had not begun. Africa was seen in Europe as a place of wonder and awe, of legendary civilisations rich with gold, and with a great tradition of art and sculpture. They even sent expeditions to the mythical Prester John, who was said to be King of a vast African realm, who they thought might send his vast armies to help them.

Moorish sons and daughters were cherished: Alessandro de' Medici (Il Moro) became Duke of Florence, Dorothea of Brandenburg, Aly's daughter became Princess of Prussia. His son, the brilliant anatomist Vesalius, founded modern medicine. And two boys he helped raise, Pieter Kempeneer and Michiel Coxcie, the Moorish sons of Margaret of Austria and one of Aly's greatest rivals both became great artists, their fame renowned throughout Europe.

And then everything changed.

People were being seized in their thousands from Africa and taken in appalling conditions to the New World, and the profits from this ultimate of barbarities were huge. Thousands of merchants in Europe became involved, with vested interests in extracting every malicious passage in the Bible they could to justify their crimes. And in Europe iteself, while once the only Africans they saw were wealthy travellers and ambassadors from the great African nations, now all people saw of people of colour were servants and slaves, people the church condemned as inferior, punished forever by God for the crime of Canaan.

The years passed. Dorothea died. Joos van Ghent, our Aly, died. So did Vesalius, Kempeneer and Coxcie. There was a market too for history, whether in politics, in medicine or art. And those who illustrated those tomes had never met nor even seen the great  names they now depicted. Even when they knew the truth, as in the case of Dorothea... they depicted them as having been white. It was inconceivable to them and to the patrons commissioning their art that the people they had so abused could ever be capable of such greatness, and so they replaced their faces with white ones.

Thus was history falsified, and the great contributions made by black people to European civilisation were stolen from them, and assumed instead by fictional whites, and our true history was thereby stolen from us by the monsters who ruled the roost.

​This cannot go on. They must be called to account. The fraud must end.

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Note: the marks on the whitewashed version of Princess Dorothea's  face are the result of aging and damage to the canvas surface, not from some horrible disease!